Skateboarders Create Community in Baraboo, WI

What's good Kindness fam!? Trent here. Stoked to be writing up our first ever blog post. Wanted to start by expressing how incredibly proud I am of everyone who consistently shows up for our community and skate shop. The support we receive is recognized and deeply appreciated by many. Since 2018 we've been able to create a magical group of humans I'm now lucky enough to call friends and spread the stoke of skateboarding far and wide from our headquarters in Downtown Baraboo, WI. We are currently around the 25k mark for the Baraboo Community Skatepark Fundraiser with the City of Baraboo showing our project a lot of support. We're also in the process of stacking clips for our first shop video set to release December 2022. Our goal is to create a 20 minute edit featuring our community of riders showcasing the vibe of skateboarding. If you're looking to become a part of the journey pull up and get down with the homies. One hand shakes another and we love to support those who support us!